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Leasing Facts

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Provisio Financial Services can provide any business with any equipment requirement to help it grow and become more successful in ways you may never have considered. If your business would like to conserve cash flow, keep lines of credit open for other business needs or meet strict budget requirements, equipment lease financing may be just what you are looking for.



Advantages of Leasing


  • SUPPORTS GROWTH: As your business needs change, leasing allows for immediate equipment upgrades or new equipment purchases without interfering with your working capital. Working capital is then available for other business needs, such as employee training, advertising and marketing or increasing or upgrading inventory. To maintain growth, leasing allows your business to replace, upgrade or add to current equipment thus ensuring your business machinery stays on the cutting edge of your industry and keeps your equipment from becoming obsolete.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Leases give your company total flexibility when it is time to add or upgrade old equipment. The length of the term gives your business plenty of time to plan if economical changes occur and you are required to change the direction of your business.
  • OPTIONS: Leases allow you to decide what the best option may be when it comes to end of term. Whether you decide to return the equipment at the end of the lease without pentaly, proceed with the lease on a month by month basis, or take advantage of the attractive buy out option, Leases are the way to go.
  • ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF CREDIT: Rather than only having to rely on traditional sources of credit, like the bank, a Lease Line of Credit offers an alternative, that is seperate then other finance sources, allowing you to extend credit limits without interfering with current or future credit sources.
  • MANAGES COST TO REVENUE FLOW: Leasing provides you with the benefit of paying for equipment while it is generating revenue and helping your business to grow. Traditionally, the cost of the equipment is easily paid for with each month's revenue. In addition, leasing allows you the ability to take advantage of today's prices, thereby hedging inflation and using future earnings to pay down the lease.
  • CRA BENEFITS: Fortunately, Leases are an attractive finance vehicle that can be used to decrease your businesses net income, ultimately reducing taxes payable. Why not take advantage of any financing that will reduce the amount payable to the CRA?
  • BUDGETING: Since a Lease is a fixed cost, any equipment additions your company may require can be easily included in previously set operating budgets. As well, equipment costs can generally be financed up to 100%. Rather then paying provincial and federal taxes up front, these taxes are added to each month's Lease payments.
  • ADMINISTRATION: Fixed Lease payments can be easily assigned to their proper departments. Bookkeeping is simplified as Leases eliminate the need for both capital account ledgers and depreciation schedules. Profits can be more quickly and easily assessed since equipment costs are specifically known.
  • MADE TO ORDER: At Provisio Financial, we can offer you a large variety of Lease Structures, with terms between 24 to 72 months. You decide what works within your budget or what you deem the useful life of the equipment may be. Based on your type of business, we can offer Seasonal Leases, Step up Leases or Step down Leases.

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