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Leasing Facts

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Provisio Financial can set you up with a lease line of credit within a few hours. You may be surprised how easy it is, and for how much your business qualifies.


Frequently Asked Questions when applying for a lease line of credit


Q: Why Lease?

A: There are a multitude of reasons to consider a Lease as your primary financial vehicle for Equipment purchases. These include:

  • Preservation of Working Capital
  • Alternate Credit Source
  • Working within Existing Budgets
  • Administration Ease and Efficiency
  • Made to Order for your Specific Needs
  • More Options then a traditional Bank Loan

Q: What types of assets can be leased?

A: We have the experience and know-how to help your business grow and succeed by ensuring you have the ability to purchase any capital asset, manufacturing or business equipment, including computer hardware and software.


Q: Who can lease?

A: Just about any business, new or established, start-ups, Industrial or Manufacturing, Universities or School Boards, Hospitals, Medical and Dental practices, Clinics, Institutions and Non-Profits, Professionals or Consultants and all levels of Government are able to take advantage of the benefits of leasing.


Q: What are the rates?

A: With our extensive network of various funders, we are able to provide very competitive lease rates for all types of assets. Of course, rates depend on your specific profile, years in business, type of industry and will vary depending on amount of funding required, type of asset required and length of term and type of lease.


Q: Is a down payment required?

A: Depending on your credit history, and length of time in business, no down payment may be needed. Generally speaking, after the lease has been executed, an amount equal to the first and last month's lease payment and a documentation fee is what is normally required.


Q: Are personal guarantees required?

A: Generally speaking, if your business has met certain minimum credit requirements, personal guarantees (PGs) are not necessary. If available, other related businesses may act as guarantors for the lease as opposed to having an owner or partner act as such.





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